Renovation Projects Update (April 16 2012)

Asian Centre lobby upgrade

Timeline: March 5 – mid-May

–     New carpet already installed in March.

–      Lighting to be replaced and upgraded to improve usability of space.

–      8 additional electrical outlets, 3 work benches with seating, and low tables; 1 water fountain and a book return inside the building to be installed.


Access from Asian Centre front entrance might be compromised after library/building open hours on certain days, to be confirmed by Andrew Mah, Project Manager, UBC Project Services.


Asian Centre Roof Repair

Timeline: End of March – Aug 2012

–      Project notification received in mid-February.

–      Project mobilization started in mid-April. Project scope includes replacement of roof and sky light.

–      Building is to remain fully operational during May 16th – 19th, both dates inclusive.

–      Traffic management schedule, scaffolding at roof line level and sidewalk closure started Apr 16- Aug 12.

Contact: Eleanor Yuen, Head, Asian Library at or 604-822-5905

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