ASIS&T at UBC is pleased to announce several upcoming workshops for SLAIS students on techy tools to make your life easier. These workshops were designed and will be taught by the digital media interns at SLAIS.

Zotero – The Next Generation of Research Tools

Terrace Lab, Jan 29th, 12-2pm

Zotero is a Firefox that helps you collect, organize and cite your research sources. Come to the workshop if you’re tired of RefWorks — or (like me) copying down citation information by hand.

Delicious and iGoogle – Gateways to Academic Success

Terrace Lab, Feb 4th, 12-2pm

Can Delicious and iGoogle be beneficial to students and academics? Yes! Come find out how.

Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, organize, search and share web pages through the web. iGoogle provides users with a customizable web site, allowing users to put all their favorite online gadgets in one place — RSS feeds, Google Calendar, various social software, etc. It also manages URLS, usernames and passwords!