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Want to know more about the Casting Call?

Since we put out the Casting Call for video participants, we’ve had a few questions that we wanted to list for you.

Want to know more? Drop us a line! Our intention is to be as transparent as possible so you can decide if you’d like to take part as a video participant in foundational gender diversity education at UBC.

More information about the video project is available here and here.

When is the next filming date?

Thursday September 20, 2018.
Location: UBC Studios, 2329 West Mall
Time: TBD (timing to be confirmed once you email your interest in participating).

If I participate, will my name and gender identity be shown on the video?

No. Your name and gender identity will not be shown in the video. No personal identifying information will be shown in the video, other than the video of you reading the script.

Can you describe more about the video format?

The video is talking heads style, combined with animation.
“Talking heads” means that the camera is focused on 1 person at a time, who is explaining a topic.
Here’s an example of a film that we’re modeling the video format off of (see link).

On camera, you will read a script that is provided for you – there is no need to prepare anything in advance to be in the video; everything is provided so you just need to show up on the filming date.

Do I have to show my face on camera? How can I take part without showing my face on camera?

We want to ensure you can participate with your comfort level in mind and appreciate that not all participants will want to show their faces on camera. If you do not want your face to be on camera, there may be some parts of the video featuring participants’ voices (i.e., audio recordings), along with avatar animation, rather than faces. If you want to participate but don’t want to show your face on camera, please let us know.

How can I see a copy of the draft video script prior to confirming my participation?

You're welcome to see the script before confirming if you'd like to participate. Email us with your request and we'll follow-up with a copy of the script.

How was the script developed?

The draft script was developed based on key themes/topic areas identified by respondents to a survey and participants in a focus group.
From 2015-2016, Jesse Grimaldi and Rachael Sullivan collected data from two-spirit, transgender, and gender-variant participants affiliated with UBC. Participants identified staff/Faculty education on gender inclusion, gender diversity literacy, and foundational transgender competencies as key training/education areas for UBC staff and Faculty.

In 2017, based on these findings we hired a PhD student to conduct an environmental scan and literature review to better understand a) best practices for a foundational video to enhance gender diversity literacy; b) existing educational resources at other universities and institutions on gender inclusion/diversity. This PhD student then used the environmental scan and literature review to inform a first draft of the video script.

The draft script was further developed and edited by non-binary, transgender, and cisgender allies affiliated with UBC. As project co-Facilitators, we (Jesse and Rachael), consulted with Harlan Pruden for the definition of two-spirit to understand how to strengthen and differentiate the definition of two-spirit.

What if I want to participate but want to make edits to the script?

We welcome your suggestions for edits.

If I participate in the video, do I have any control over my images/footage of me in the final edit?

Yes! All video participants will be able to view the video prior to the final edit/finalization. We also encourage on-camera open dialogue. You will be able to confirm if your image/part in the video will be included in the final version. We want to make sure you have control over how you’re depicted in the film, so you will be consulted as part of the editing/video development.

Participants will be asked to fill out an Image Consent Form prior to filming.

How are participants in the video compensated for their time/participation?

We value your time and efforts to support gender diversity inclusion at UBC! By taking part in this video, student participants will be given a complementary gift card as a thank you for taking part.
Beyond the Binary @ UBC is a grassroots initiative; all funds for video development are provided by sponsorship funds donated by various campus units and partially funded through an Equity Enhancement Fund. The exact amount of the gift cards will be divided evenly among student participants and will be based on the number of participants in the video.

Casting Call: Help shape gender diversity education at UBC

As you may have already heard, we’ve been working on the final phase of Beyond the Binary @ UBC project: to develop and produce a campus-wide video on gender diversity to enhance awareness and inclusion.

Here’s where you come in! We’re looking for participants to be in the video, and we’re inviting you to take part.

Details and Script:

  • The video will be filmed at UBC Studios in August and September, 2018. Participants must agree to show up to UBC Studios for a timeframe on Friday August 3rd, 2018 or Thursday September 20th, 2018 (participants choose their preferred date to be filmed).
  • The video is a 5-6 minute scripted video (“talking heads style”). Participants read the script on camera, and UBC Studios finalizes the video production and editing. In other words, all participants have to do is show up as you are and read a script on camera.
  • Script: you will receive once we have confirmed the date you will be filmed.
  • In late Fall, 2018, the video will be shared widely across UBC, with an emphasis to be shared within staff/Faculty onboarding programs.

Representation Criteria: We are reaching out to two-spirit, transgender, non-binary, gender-variant peoples and allies affiliated with UBC to participate in the video. We are looking for broad representation of participants in terms of identities, races, ethnicities, esthetic, abilities, expressions, bodies, cultural experience  and backgrounds, and roles on campus (e.g., students, staff, faculty, alumni).

 To participate in the video, please send us an an email no later than Monday July 23rd, 2018.

In your response, please share a brief bio and how you connect to representation criteria above. Please also indicate your availability for either of the filming dates: August 3rd, 2018  and September 20th, 2018.

Note that your email bio will not be shared with anyone else other than Jesse Grimaldi and Rachael Sullivan, project co-Facilitators (our intention is to ensure broad representation among participants, and all responses to this email are strictly confidential). You can read more about us here.

If you would like to share this invitation with your networks, please feel free to share with folks who meet the representation criteria above in terms of identity and affiliation with UBC.

Thank you for your support in helping to shape gender diversity education at UBC!

Join the conversation on change room signage at the new UBC Aquatic Centre

UBC Athletics and Recreation are exploring options for signage in the new UBC Aquatic Centre to ensure the Centre is welcoming, respectful and inclusive to all its’ patrons.

More information and a link to the survey is available here.