New BC Bio Workshop! Creative Assessment for Online Science Teaching, June 24 @ 2pm

Are you struggling to write useful assessments for your course in this new teaching landscape? Are you wondering what you can do to improve in the short-term? Join us on June 24th for a new BCBio workshop!

Title: Creative Assessment for Online Science Teaching

Presenter: Dr. Ben Wiggins, University of Washington
Date: Wednesday June 24th, 2:00-3:00 PM (the presenter will stick around for extra questions afterward)
Description: It is completely normal to be overwhelmed by the logistical difficulties of giving traditional written STEM exams in an online environment. Here we’ll examine alternative methods to achieving career-relevant learning on exams in ways that can rise above tradition and motivate students to engage more deeply in your class.

Goals: Participants in the workshop will:

  • Frame the challenges faced by their students through the education principles of alignment and sociocultural learning
  • Pick from a toolkit of short-term changes that may improve the exam experience
  • Assess longer-term avenues for larger assessments changes that may be appropriate for particular courses
  • Design a piece of an assessment for your course

Come join in and connect with our teaching community, share ideas, and leave with a few new ones.

Please register before the workshop here, and fill out our short survey. Registration closes Tuesday June 23rd at 4pm.

With special thanks to Elizabeth Steves for organizing this event for all of us.

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