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Following with more tech software reviews, today, we’re going to look at a long standing online video marker software, or online animation maker however you want to call it.

Before you continue, check out this quick demo about what this video editing software does and how non-technical marketers, business owners, and communication experts have used it to create a more compelling manner to convey their messages. For more reading, check out this VideoMaker FX blog post about how others are using this tool.

I still remember when the VideoMakerFX tool was released back in 2014 and learnt about it in one of those study areas. It was quite revolutionary at that time there was no other online video maker software came close to rivaling VideoMakerFX. You had a consumer friendly online animation maker that combined the simplicity of video templates with the flexibility of creating videos as an expert on a video editing software. This allowed VideoMakerFX users to create professional grade white-board, animation, and typography videos for sales or informational purposes like those compelling NGO videos. (refer here)

Now, two years later, there’s been a few other similar video maker software introduced for the consumer market (such as Explaindio or Easy Sketch Pro), hence the question begets, “does Video Maker FX still holds its weight as the best video editing software today?” It has basically created a new standard in consumer-based tools as far as online video maker is concerned.


What is VideoMakerFX?

VideoMaker FX is a video editing software released by Peter Roszak. It’s intent is to help you quickly, and simply create videos to engage your audience. VideoMakerFX users can generate a profit from their videos such as selling freelance video creation services online or making video reviews. They also own full rights to the videos they create.

It is still one of the best video editing software solution available today as acclaimed on online communities. Peter designed VideoMaker FX to be intuitive, easy to use, being both highly flexible and customizable. The VMFX software enables you to generate a video in a matter of clicks with a WYSIWYG editor.


Who is VideoMakerFX for?

Students & affiliate marketers: can use Video Maker FX to create product reviews or demonstrations without needing to get in front of a camera. Video Maker FX allows you to easily attach voice-overs to your online animation maker if you prefer for those who are camera shy. Students can provide this as a freelance service to businesses who want their product properly featured to customers via video. It’s simple enough that a student can manage to produce these whiteboard animation videos within  a day of getting acquainted to VideoMakerFX yet the task is typically so complicated that most businesses would prefer to outsource the work for those who don’t know about VideoMaker FX.

Offline business consultants: will be glad to use VideoMaker FX to create business videos for their clients within minutes similar to a drag and drop set-up. It’s simple to use which allows for quick output of videos; offline business consultants can use their current cliental to upsell them product or promotional videos to increase their profit and deliverable value. It may also be used as an incentive and knowledge asset to compel attention.

Business, Website, & Service Owners: who want to create video sales letters and introductions for engaging online traffic without any technical skills while integrating a decisive call to action. VideoMaker FX videos can allow you to get more from your web traffic. Even more so in 2016 with shorter attention spans with an overload of information, business owners, and webmasters must be able to captivate their audience and communicate in a rapid and compelling manner. Critically important as well is a clear call to action as we’ve all learn.


How does VideoMakerFX work?

When I first saw this software released in May of 2014, (one year ago and hence this blog post), I thought it was unreal (and very interesting) that there could be a software which created custom videos so easily without any learning curves. The videos actually do looked like what you find with professional VSL (video sales letter), I’ve seen!

Before VideoMakerFX, it didn’t seem possible to do so without a serious learning curve (such as Sparkol – powerful yet complicated tool.) When I saw Peter Roszak pushing his new video maker software as a simple, easy to use tool, I was rather skeptical.

Thankfully, seeing how VideoMaker FX worked on the demo makes a lot of sense – it could be genius actually. It works like an article spinner for videos which in other words enables you to mix and match templates to create videos in minutes with a few content edits. VideoMaker FX provides a professional end product in less the time.

1) Drag and drop from 200+ pre-made animation slides on VideoMaker FX – Peter has included just about anything you may need from an online animation maker style video to whiteboard sketch videos. The templates are mostly professionally designed and animated; you just put it together and edit your message to tell your story.

2) Customize the text/messages and images to tell your story.

3) You can also customize background, color, and effects if you like to make it a little more tuned to your purpose/brand.

4) Combine a few of these VideoMakerFX slides and templates together to create a professional sales video or story.

5) You now have your online animation video; the VideoMakerFX software allows you to extract your video into a file. You’ll be surprise to find that what you get is very unique, highly customized, and professional video sales or product review using the VideoMaker FX online video maker software. (in minutes)

This is how VideoMakerFX works in a nutshell, there are more complexities with the ever updating software but it can be as simple as you want it to be. The only foreseeable problem is that VideoMakerFX and whiteboard animation videos are now too common that you need to ensure your message stand out by properly planning your story, call to action, and some unique features (such as choosing the right images and wording to capture your audience attention).


VideoMakerFX review conclusion:

Overall, I’m still impressed with the VideoMakerFX software and believe it’s one of the best video editing software on the market today (for its genre – easy to use video maker software with quick results).

If you’re interested in VideoMakerFX, you may also be interested in Vinci3D which allows you to create 3D intro videos for your videos (such as those created with VMFX). It’s quite an interesting feature especially useful for making an impact first impression so users continue watching your video (with so many things vying for their attention) or to create an outro for branding/call to action leaving a lasting impression to your viewers. 3D just makes things hip and differentiated.

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