What happened to Climate Change?

Interested in hearing what the U.S. Presidential candidates had to say, I tuned in for the second of three debates.  The topic was domestic policy and I was hoping to hear what President Obama and Governor Romney had to say about energy issues.  Concern over gasoline prices have been a dominant theme among voters and with large issues (i.e. Keystone XL pipeline) that could go one way or another based on who is the next U.S. President, this would be an important debate to watch.

I was initially pleased with how the debate unfolded.  I believe both candidates did a good job answering the questions, given that this is typically not the case.  However, I was quite upset that when the topic of oil and energy came up neither candidate mentioned climate change.  When Obama made his case for alternative energies, it wasn’t for concerns over a warming global climate, it was for lowering oil prices and energy security.  Romney didn’t even attempt to wade into concerns over climate change.

Romney has switched positions on climate change and Obama has stated that he believes humans contribute to global warming.  I am fully aware of the controversy behind global warming with skeptics getting much more air play then they deserve and both men probably referred to their political aides who might have said something along the lines of, “play it safe and don’t bring up climate change.”  However, I look to the current President and then man that might be the next to be leaders who aren’t afraid to take an opportunity like last night to inform the public and take a position on climate change.

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