Qualities of Effective Facilitators

PeerNetBC considers three values essential for people involved with learning and with facilitating learning processes.


  • Recognize each individual and their right to be heard.

  • Believe in everyone’s ability to grow and change.

  • Value and acknowledge each person’s strengths.

  • Encourage the full expression of ideas.

  • Honour everyone’s right to make choices.

  • Value each person’s right to their own perspective.


  • Be aware of and take responsibility for your own feelings, values, thoughts and unresolved issues, and recognize the impact these have on others.

  • Be consistent between the expression of your thoughts and feelings and the way you behave or act.

  • Remain open to positions that differ from your own even when those opinions differ.

  • Be aware of and work within your own limits – set clear personal boundaries.

Positive attitude

  • Accept each individual as valuable in his or her own right.

  • Trust in the ability of each individual to discover their own solutions to their situation.

  • Recognize individual strengths and efforts to change.

  • Focus on the individual rather than the behaviour.

  • Provide feedback that focuses on observations rather than judgments.