Remodeled/Renovated Shanghai Kitchen?

Shanghai Kitchen before. Taken from Sherman's Food Adventures

Shanghai Kitchen now

Has anyone seen this yet? Shanghai Kitchen in Kerrisdale has changed! But it’s still not open to the general public. People are greeted at the door by a plain white piece of paper saying “Shanghai Kitchen is being renovated. Closed until further notice.”

I remember when I went to Shanghai Kitchen a long time ago, when it just opened. It was actually not that bad, but the food was a tad greasy. I was introduced to Xiao Long Bao here and I really liked it. But my friends say I haven’t tried the REAL deal until I go to Richmond, or better yet, Hong Kong. Another thing that really caught my eye was the fact that the chefs there were making fresh noodles from scratch! I have never seen that in Vancouver.

I started coming here more often until they drastically raised their prices. I kind of expected actually, because it’s in Kerrisdale. The restaurants here have so much price inflation compared to elsewhere. However, the prices were unjustified in terms of the food they offered, and I could tell because during lunch and dinner rush the restaurant was not even half-filled.

So maybe this renovation is due to new management or trying to re-open the restaurant to the public. Hopefully the food prices are lower. I’ll review it as soon as it opens!