Review #2 for novel #4

I’m pleased to see that Robert Wiersema of Victoria, BC wrote a review in Quill & Quire that praised Oldness for “plung[ing] the reader deeply into the sad limitations of the central character’s view of the world.”
His review ends with this: “Frequently hilarious, genuinely thought-provoking, and surprisingly moving, Oldness is a vivid, multi-faceted portrait of a man refusing to go gentle into that good night, lashing out petulantly and helplessly at a world that has passed him by.”
The rest can be found here.


Review #1 for novel #4

Dustin Cole of Slave Lake, Alberta wrote a thoughtful, engaged review of Oldness, for which I’m appreciative.
It begins like this:

I am thirty-seven. When I think about being sixty-five years old different things come to mind. There is hope, for artistic fulfillment and recognition. There are fears, of hearing loss, renal scans, colon removal. There is sombre resignation, of the inevitable five-mile jog in the afternoon as debit against the sixpack to be had that evening. Woe to the elderly. Aging is a crisis. If you live that long.
Brett Josef Grubisic’s latest novel, Oldness; or, the Last-Ditch Efforts of Marcus O, explores this subject, oldness. In my hands it would have been tragedy, full stop. In his, dour comedy. It is flippant and learned, exhaustively current, cutting edge even, yet still with a whiff of eczema salve. Add to that the wafting vapour of low-sodium cream of tomato soup for one, slightly scorched….

The rest can be found in BC Booklook.