Publications (in book form)

“Queer Short Stories, An Inverted History” (co-authored with Carellin Brooks)


From Up River and For One Night Only [2016; novel]


This Location of Unknown Possibilities [2014; novel]


Blast, Corrupt, Dismantle, Erase:
Contemporary North American Dystopian
[2014; scholarly essay collection, co-edited with Gisele Baxter and Tara Lee]

National Plots:
Historical Fiction and Changing Ideas of Canada
[2010; essay collection, co-edited with Andrea Cabajsky]

American Hunks:
The Muscular Male Body in Popular Culture, 1860-1970
[2010; co-authored with David L. Chapman]

Understanding Beryl Bainbridge [2008; study]

The Age of Cities
[2007; novel]


Carnal Nation:
Brave New Sex Fictions
[2000; Canadian short story collection, co-edited with Carellin Brooks]

New Queer Male Fiction
[1999; North American short story collection, editor]

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