Wi-Fi Freakin’ Futurism Fandango!!!!!!!

I like this line from today’s OLDaily

One of the oldest rules of technology is this: people will use technology in ways it was never intended to be used. Futurists fail endlessly to predict the impact of technology because they look at the technology, not the people. But you have to watch the people.

… but I have a rejoinder to his “key question: why would a student travel to campus to access wirelessly when he or she could do it from the Starbucks downtown?”

Being fortunate enough to work at a wireless campus, that’s obvious. Because it’s free, baaaay-beeeee!!!!!!!!

It ain’t free at Starbucks. Secondly (and frankly I’m surprised Stephen didn’t think of this), Starbucks does not serve beer. But the grad student pub here on campus features a delightful selection on tap.

I’d deny having ever set foot in the place, but photographic evidence exists (scroll down).

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  1. Great. I’d forgotten about the photographic evidence… Why did we have the laptops fired up again? That was a beautiful day – we should have been somewhat less productive…

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