More dribble on social bookmarking…

Over the course of a rather busy day, I dashed off an article on social bookmarking tools and Flickr for UBC’s eStrategy Newsletter. The newsletter has a technoliterate but mainstream readership, so I have to presume no familiarity whatever with the subject. The piece should be about 900 words long.

I don’t need to submit it until tomorrow at noon — so even having a sloppy draft at this point represents an amazing victory in my lifelong losing battle with creeping deadlines. Suggestions on the many ways this piece could be improved are more than welcome.

Social bookmarks? Blogging without writing? Fun with metadata?

I spent the summer reading academic journals, principally Small Groups and Group Dynamics, and I can tell you that if you are minded to actually change the way groups interact, there

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2 Responses to More dribble on social bookmarking…

  1. Great entry, Brian! And thanks for the link to extipicious! That’s some cool stuff!! Going to have to play around with that as an interface for APOLLO… 😉

  2. Excellent piece, Brian. One quick and initial question: how might one respond to a student who complains that education’s insistence on being mindful takes all of the fun out of the social networking? I think of my own experience teaching film, a similarly immersive medium….

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