WikiRadio now begins its broadcast day…

This is not DJ Edit, but he plays him on WikiRadio

A couple weeks back I described my audio production learning curve while developing an online presentation for the NMC Conference on Social Computing. The conference having been a roaring success, I suppose it’s now OK for me to make my demented ravings available to the literally dozens of people who come to this site looking for tips on housecleaning or beer drinking.

It was my first attempt at something like this, so the results are a bit uneven, though it really was a blast to make. The special guests on the broadcast each did an outstanding job. Every interview was completely improvised, and recorded on the first take. D’Arcy Norman does his best imitation of an uptight instructor (I did a poor job of recording his take and had to edit out some of his best bits — sorry amigo). My colleague, mentor and all-round cool dude Jeff Miller gives a comprehensive overview of how wikis can support instruction (based in part on our own experiences with the course we are presently co-teaching). Alan Levine complains about — what else? — wikispam (recorded while he was on his triumphant Kiwi tour). UBC’s multi-talented ePortfolio coordinator Kele Fleming asks about “SoftSecurity” (earning my everlasting gratitude for slipping in a reference to my favorite Flannery O’Connor book.) Michelle Chua (who took my mess of wiki pages and audio files and heroically assembled them into a semi-coherent Breeze presentation) takes a turn as a skeptic who thinks wikis will never fly in the academy. And my smart sweetie Keira McPhee rises to the challenge by articulating how WikiGnomes might find a home in universities after all. Finally, Novak Rogic demonstrates conclusively that while Wikipedia may be a fantastic source of information, it should not be used to settle bar bets. Thanks to every one of them — they absolutely made this presentation.

You can tune in to WikiRadio via the miracle of Macromedia Breeze here. Warning: this is a profoundly silly piece of work.

I should note that each PPT slide links to a corresponding wiki page with additional links and information. (An index of the wiki pages is available.) And yes, it’s a wiki — so by all means add your comments and additional resources.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I laughed, I cried…

    Well, mostly laughed…and learned a fair bit too. What a clever, engaging way to teach virtually.

  2. No worries, eh? The clips that hit the cutting room floor will be good fodder for the Christmas party reel 😉

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