July 2022

Letter of good standing request process

Dear Term 3 students,

As we move forward towards the end of Term 3, I wanted to let you know some details about the Employed Student Nurses (ESN) and BC Care Aid & Community Health Worker Registry (HCA) process.

If you plan to work as an ESN or HCA after Term 3 completion, you will need confirmation of enrollment and good standing status from the School of Nursing to complete your application.

Good Standing will be determined once all grades have been submitted by Term 3 course leaders. Your confirmation of enrollment and good standing will be emailed to you between approx. August 3rd – 5th, 2022.

Please review the UBC School of Nursing ESN/HCA Policy to determine your eligibility. Clinical instructor reference letters are not proof of your Good Standing and Health Authorities will not accept Reference Letters.

To request your confirmation of enrollment and good standing, please complete the following Canvas quiz [Quiz Link] by July 27, 2022 (11:59pm).


Elsie Tan MSN RN

Professor of Teaching | Associate Director Undergraduate Program