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Teak and Gold: Decolonial Resistance in British Rangoon

All the colors, creeds, breeds, and voices become Rangoon; Rangoon was born in Rangoon, Rangoon was raised in Rangoon, Rangoon stood on par with other cities around the world. Proud Rangoon, the son of an urban city:  (From Dressmaker Rangoon by Maung Chaw Nwe and translated by Kenneth Wong, 2013)1  The growth of British control […]

Asia British Community/urbanism Domestic/residential

The Jackson Plan for Singapore: Subversion within Segregated Fabric

Founded in 1819, the British colony of Singapore was established as an administrative and trade hub for the Malayan peninsula, intended both to cement a British presence in the region, and create a platform to compete with and contain Dutch influence in the lucrative region. Singapore’s original planning document, The Jackson Plan was drawn between […]

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