I think introductions are in order

Countdown to BC: 2 days

I guess I should get some practice introducing myself, since I have a feeling I’ll be doing it a lot over the next few weeks. Here it goes; I’ll do my best to keep from rambling.

Hi everyone! I’m Campbell, also known as Cam, and I’m so excited to be a part of the first year Blog Squad this year. Yes, I realize I have a last name for a first name, just go with it. I’m from Richmond Hill, Ontario, a town in the ‘burbs just north of Toronto, but I was born in Calgary, which may explain the soft spot I’ve always had for western Canada and cowboy boots. I’m entering the Faculty of Science and will be living in residence at Place Vanier this year.

Yay UBC! Side note: please ignore the awkwardness of this picture and the messiness of my room.

My summer was spent pipetting and centrifuging in a downtown Toronto lab and recovering from jaw surgery that left me looking like a Cabbage Patch Kid for a month. I have hilarious pictures if anyone is interested. Some fun facts about me: I’ve never eaten a cucumber, I have a severe addiction to making lists, I’m scared of cats, and I have a Harry Potter-esque scar on my forehead from an encounter with a coffee table at a Christmas party (I was three and may or may not have been chasing after the fake Santa Claus).

I’ll likely be seen cruising around campus on my snazzy new bike (a moving-to-BC present, thanks Dad!), jamming to some Arkells on my iPod (on repeat since I found out they’re playing at Firstweek!) and, if I’m on the way to one of my 9 AM classes, bearing a striking resemblance to a walking zombie (I am definitely not a morning person).

Finally, I’m insanely excited to be heading off to UBC, which has been my dream school ever since I found out that it existed. I can’t wait to meet all you other first years and I hope you’ll feel free to introduce yourself if you see me around—even if it is early in the morning.

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