I need to invest in some Gore-Tex

Let me tell you a story about a foolish girl from Ontario. Lulled into a false sense of security by the first couple of beautiful weeks here at UBC, she decided to put off buying herself proper raingear, which had been working out pretty well for her until one fateful Monday. That morning, after pressing the snooze button several times, she realized that she was going to be late for class, and left hastily without checking the weather report. She quickly regretted this decision once she stepped outside in her short-sleeved shirt and flimsy circle scarf, only to realize that sheets of rain were falling from the sky. Without any time to go back for a sweater, she hopped on her bike and began the treacherous uphill journey from Vanier to Wesbrook. By the time she got to her first class, she looked as though she had been pushed into the pool at the aquatic centre and by the end of the day she was feeling so sick that she had to miss her last class to go back to KU, cold, soaked, and kicking herself for not buying a raincoat.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the mystery girl in this story is me (shocking turn of events, I know). I’m currently paying the price for this lapse in judgement, hiding out in my dorm room with a hoodie pulled tightly around my face and desperately wishing for someone to come and bring me some cauliflower and cheese soup from the Vanier dining hall. Note to prospective students, invest in a good raincoat before you come to UBC. It’s true what they say about Vancouver: there’s only one season, and that season is rain.

On the upside, I have a pair of Hunters boots waiting for me when I go home for Thanksgiving (in 11 days)! I’m so incredibly excited to head back to Toronto. As much as I’ve been having an amazing time here (in spite of my immune system’s best efforts), it’s going to be so nice to see my family again, to go on a sushi outing with my best friends and to possibly convince my mom to buy me that black Gore-Tex raincoat I spotted on Granville Island… Unfortunately, three midterms stand between me and my flight back to YYZ. How do you even study in university? I’d better figure it out by next Wednesday, or else I just might be heading home for good.

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