New month, new me

Fall colours and Koerner make me and my camera happy. 

November: a month of changing leaves, dropping temperatures, and guys sporting dirty ‘staches for charity left and right (hooray for Movember). For me, however, the new month marks a chance for me to turn over a new leaf (autumn pun fully intentional).

Goals for November:

1) Do well on all of my upcoming midterms

I just got a midterm mark back on Monday that was way, way below what I was expecting, especially since I spent the days leading up to the midterm studying non-stop. I’ve promised myself that this bad mark is going to be a one-time thing.

2) Go to Hubbard’s once a week at most

This is going to be a tough one. I’m a stress eater, and having a convenience store stocked with Ben & Jerry’s and Fuzzy Peaches is not helping with the whole freshman fifteen deal. I’m going to make a Save On trip next week to stock up on some healthier snacks instead.

3) Actually make use of my Bird Coop membership

I’ve had a gym membership since September, and have yet to actually make an appearance at the SRC. Probably because the buff varsity athletes are crazy intimidating.

4) Say “yes” more often

I’ve been using the phrase, “I can’t, I need to study” way too much recently. I’m all for staying on top of my academics, but I didn’t come all the way to Vancouver to sit in Irving 24/7.

What are your November goals?


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