Marry me, Matt Berninger

Thanks to a Facebook status update and a fellow KU tiger with a spare ticket (thanks, Aaron!) I ended up going to see The National’s sold-out show at the Orpheum last night. The National, just an FYI, has been my favourite band since I was fourteen, and Matt Berninger’s husky baritone never fails to melt me into a science student-shaped puddle. They’re not really huge in Toronto, but there must be a lot of fans in Vancouver since four people on my floor ended up going to the show last night–all of us separately, weirdly enough.

The concert was incredible, from the high energy opening by Local Natives (who are awesome, by the way, I definitely recommend checking them out. Also, the keyboardist kind of looks like Jeremy McElroy from a distance…) to the amazing campfire-style singalong at the end of the show. The only downside was the crazy tall guy (I swear, he was either a half-giant or an NBA player) who was in front of me the whole time. It’s cool though, I managed to see the stage by awkwardly kneeling on my seat.

One of my favourite songs off their latest album, High Violet:

And the unplugged singalong to Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks. This really doesn’t do it justice, I had chills the entire time:

In other news, I just printed off my paper on climate change and global health for tomorrow. I got to make myself sound smart by using words like “hydrological cycle intensification” and “anthropogenic greenhouse emissions”. So exciting and sciencey. Now to tackle a bit of studying before bed, most likely with The National on repeat.

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