Newsflash: UBC now 47% more awesome

SLC countdown: 8 days (which means only 8 more days of my blog readers having to put up with my constant SLC promo spam). The SLC team launched the UBC is Awesome campaign this week to promote our closing keynote Neil Pasricha. The campaign involves naming all the things that make UBC amazing, Book of Awesome-style. A few personal favourites:

  • “The warm air vents on a chilly walk.” There’s one right in front of Triple O’s that I always passed on my way to the library, and it may or may not lead to the fabled steam tunnels…
  • “Bouncing on the bouncy bushes.” I was the only brave soul in my Imagine Day group who wasn’t embarrassed to bounce on these bushes during first week, and since then they forever hold a special place in my heart.
  • “The Harry Potter room.” Also known as the Riddington Room or my second home during exam time. It has a winding staircase, chandeliers, and a portrait who looks like a very academic Nicholas Cage. Awesome, indeed.

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