Hacks of UBC, unite!

Everything you need to know about the AMS elections: The Ubyssey and former hacks tell you what’s good.

It’s AMS election season, which means tons of campaign posters, debates, and dirty politics coming your way, along with glitter and Microsoft Paint-ing courtesy of AMS Confidential (the Ben Cappellacci Ryan Gosling meme has been my favourite part of elections so far. Just saying).

Now, I’m not usually one for political endorsements, but in this case I’m going to make an exception: You should vote Alyssa “AJ” Koehn for AMS prez. Why? She answers this a lot more eloquently than I ever could on her website, here:

AJ For AMS: “Why I’m Running”

If reading that doesn’t convince you that she’ll be awesome for the job, maybe her crazy impressive CV will. Seriously, I felt over-involved just by reading it. Plus, I am the mini version of the mini version of her, which by some weird involvement family tree makes her my UBC grandmother… but the cool kind of grandma who wears hipster glasses and runs awesome conferences. Bottom line: a vote for AJ will make me, and UBC as a whole, very, very happy.

Voting period is from January 23rd to 27th. For a full list of the candidates and other election fun shtuff, check out the AMS Elections website. Now get out there (figuratively, since you vote online) and get yo’ vote on, UBC.

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