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Days like this are the reason I moved to Vancouver

Yep. We study hard.

There is no place better than sunny UBC campus. This morning, I woke up and had a delicious breakfast of tater tots and eggs with the KU 2nd family in the dining hall (and was told some interesting bird facts courtesy of Nic). Afterwards, most of them went off to Stanley Park to do some ivy removal as a part of KU Kares (a community service initiative started by a good friend of mine on my floor), while I stayed behind since I had work to do. But instead of going to the library, Erin and I grabbed a couple blankets, our Macbooks and our calculus textbooks and headed outside to study in the sunshine.

Throughout the day, we recruited several more people to join our study picnic, watched the Vanier advisors play a hilarious game of “Strolltimate” (think Ultimate, but with speedwalking), and somehow finished our math assignment. There was even singing and guitar playing involved. At one point, someone noted that we looked like we were straight out of a cliche student life shot in a university viewbook. All we were missing was a guy with long hair and a hackey sack.

All in all, this was one of the best days I’ve had at UBC so far. And I didn’t even leave my residence.

Side note: Six people told me I looked like a hippie today in my crazy printed maxi dress and my Katniss-inspired side braid, complete with a real flower. I’d say that my transition to a true West coast girl is complete.

The Camp UBC Experience

Back in September, life at UBC felt like one long stint at summer camp. The weather was amazing. The sun was always shining. You were living with a bunch of people your own age. The advisors were your counselors. Everyone ate together in the dining hall. We even had Vanier Olympics, which was similar to the camp-wide games we used to play during my one and only camp experience the summer after grade eight.

But then, the reality sunk in. The weather got rainier, the schoolwork got harder, and we all remembered that, Frisbee and nature aside, we’re all really here to get an education.

Over this past weekend, though, I got another taste of the summer camp vibe that made me fall in love with this place. The camp experience kicked off on Thursday night with Mr. Vanier, an annual all-male “talent competition” in which eight lovely Vanier men danced and strutted their stuff to win the judges’ and the audiences’ hearts. Hilarious innuendoes from the hosts and ridiculous interview questions were just a couple of the things that gave me a laughter-induced ab workout. Continue reading

The Ubyssey writers have outdone themselves

Photo by the Ubyssey.

The Ubyssey started their very own bracket game a la March Madness to track down the “quintessential UBC experience”. Forcing you to choose between Wreck Beach and the MOA and decide whether you like to complain more about construction or giant puddles, this is something that even those of you with little to no sports knowledge (like me) can partake in.

You can see the complete list and vote on the first round here. Also, every time you comment explaining your choice you get entered to win Canucks vs. Flames tickets. Win-win.

Vancouver weather, I’m not impressed with you

Rain, rain, go away…
Currently sitting on the 6th floor of Koerner, taking a break from writing a hefty lab report on buffers in blood and listening to the Peak. Also thankful that the rain has taken a break for a little while.

Vancouver weather gods, did you just get dumped or something? This is starting to get a little ridiculous. It was snowing this morning, which is weird enough in Vancouver, but especially weird in March. Doesn’t help that all my friends from home are tweeting about how amazing it is outside (20 degrees and sunny? Seriously Ontario?!) Maybe I’ll start working on an anti-rain dance while I’m taking a break from chemistry. Might attract some weird stares in the library though…

Anyways, this song I discovered thanks to the Peak expresses my feelings perfectly about the weather, and is definitely going to be added to my “Rainy Day” playlist. (Cam Fact #403: I have a playlist for almost everything, from “Happy Morning” to “90’s Pop Jams” to “Best Songs to Sing in the Shower”) Enjoy, don’t let the rain get you down, and hopefully we’ll get some sunshine soon!

It’s a good week to be a UBC student

In spite of second-round midterms being in full swing and the intense, freezing wind causing me to nail someone in the face with my umbrella yesterday (isn’t it supposed to be spring?), this week is looking pretty amazing for UBC. Exciting things happening on campus this week:

5 Days for the Homeless: If you’ve walked by the Bookstore sometime in the last two days, you’ve probably seen the “homeless” students asking for spare change. This campaign, designed to raise money and awareness for the homeless, involves 10 students abandoning their wallets, beds, and showers to live on the street for 5 days. Two friends of mine, Aaron and Michelle, are participating in the campaign. You can read their blogs and find out more about the initiative here, and if you’re passing by the corner of University and East Mall, hand over some spare change.

Undergraduate society elections: Elections for AUS, SUS, EUS, LFSUS, FUS, and KUS are underway! (side note: as a UBC student, gaining a thorough acronym vocabulary is a graduation requirement) Log on to WebVote through the SSC by Friday and get yo’ vote on. Also, if you’re awesome and a science student, you should check out the SUS candidate profiles here.

Strombo: George Stroumboulopoulos, known as the host of CBC’s The Hour and proud owner of the world’s most challenging last name (I obviously had to Google the spelling for this blog post), is coming to UBC. He’s going to be talking about his work in Pakistan at the Arts Last Lecture on Friday in the Old Auditorium. Limited tickets are still available through the Arts Undergrad Society, here.

Mulch Madness: The 12-foot walls for Storm have been assembled and the mulch has been brought in. Being in first year, I’ve only heard about the awesomeness that is Storm the Wall, but I’m beyond pumped to scale the wall in a couple weeks. Register by March 21st if you want to be a part of one of UBC’s most beloved traditions!

Other fun things happening in my life this week (aside from the lab exam I have later today…yikes): KU and Tec house councils have organized a KU-Tec social dinner tonight. Mas tacos por favor! (That’s pretty much the extent of my grade 9 Spanish knowledge) I also have a super exciting interview on Thursday for a position next year. Cross your fingers and toes for me, please. I’m going to need all the luck I can muster.

Mother Mother + MSTRKRFT = Block Party Awesomeness

A little behind on this, but have I mentioned that I’m crazy stoked for the AMS Block Party? My excitement may or may not have something to do with my recent 19th birthday (standing on the underage side of the fence at the Welcome Back BBQ in September made me a sad, sad panda), but it definitely has everything to do with the lineup!

The Block Party lineup was announced last week, and this year’s headliners are electronic duo MSTRKRFT and (to my absolute delight) Vancouver islanders Mother Mother. If you haven’t heard of Mother Mother before, I seriously insist you check them out. That’s right, insist. I mean business.

Here’s a little sample of what you can expect on April 5th. Now get out there and buy your tickets! For $12, you really can’t go wrong, folks.

The truth about residence life

The most memorable nights don’t always involve partying at the frats. Sometimes, your best nights in residence can have you making a fort out of blankets and a propped up air mattress with your floormies and refusing to talk in anything but British accents for the rest of the night. True story.

Whistler Wayfinding: A UBC Student’s Guide

Confession: One of my main motivations in coming to this university was its proximity to Whistler. No, I’m not ashamed of it. Now, after almost an entire ski season of making the winding, snowy, scenic commute up to Whistler, season pass in hand, I’ve decided to share some of my knowledge with you, lovely blog readers. So, without further rambling, here is the (un) official UBC student’s guide to getting to Whistler (might need to come up with a catchier name--never mind, I did. See blog post title).

Drive: Simple, right? If you’re lucky enough to have a car, I’m crazy jealous of you (wanna give me a ride up this weekend?). But, for those of you who are less fortunate, do not fret! There are other options for getting to the powder.

UBC/Vancouver Greyhound: If you live on campus, there’s a Greyhound that leaves every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from UBC at 6 am. This is how I usually get up to Whistler. It stops right across from Vanier on University Blvd (next to the Global Lounge) and then at the UBC Bus Loop, and drops you off right in Whistler Village. It’s the same deal coming back, with the bus leaving Whistler at 4 pm. Rates are available on the Greyhound website.

Continue reading

A storm is coming

Storm the Wall 2012. March 25-30th. See you there.

PS: Major shout out to the UBC REC Media team. You guys make awesome videos.