It’s a good week to be a UBC student

In spite of second-round midterms being in full swing and the intense, freezing wind causing me to nail someone in the face with my umbrella yesterday (isn’t it supposed to be spring?), this week is looking pretty amazing for UBC. Exciting things happening on campus this week:

5 Days for the Homeless: If you’ve walked by the Bookstore sometime in the last two days, you’ve probably seen the “homeless” students asking for spare change. This campaign, designed to raise money and awareness for the homeless, involves 10 students abandoning their wallets, beds, and showers to live on the street for 5 days. Two friends of mine, Aaron and Michelle, are participating in the campaign. You can read their blogs and find out more about the initiative here, and if you’re passing by the corner of University and East Mall, hand over some spare change.

Undergraduate society elections: Elections for AUS, SUS, EUS, LFSUS, FUS, and KUS are underway! (side note: as a UBC student, gaining a thorough acronym vocabulary is a graduation requirement) Log on to WebVote through the SSC by Friday and get yo’ vote on. Also, if you’re awesome and a science student, you should check out the SUS candidate profiles here.

Strombo: George Stroumboulopoulos, known as the host of CBC’s The Hour and proud owner of the world’s most challenging last name (I obviously had to Google the spelling for this blog post), is coming to UBC. He’s going to be talking about his work in Pakistan at the Arts Last Lecture on Friday in the Old Auditorium. Limited tickets are still available through the Arts Undergrad Society, here.

Mulch Madness: The 12-foot walls for Storm have been assembled and the mulch has been brought in. Being in first year, I’ve only heard about the awesomeness that is Storm the Wall, but I’m beyond pumped to scale the wall in a couple weeks. Register by March 21st if you want to be a part of one of UBC’s most beloved traditions!

Other fun things happening in my life this week (aside from the lab exam I have later today…yikes): KU and Tec house councils have organized a KU-Tec social dinner tonight. Mas tacos por favor! (That’s pretty much the extent of my grade 9 Spanish knowledge) I also have a super exciting interview on Thursday for a position next year. Cross your fingers and toes for me, please. I’m going to need all the luck I can muster.

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