Vancouver weather, I’m not impressed with you

Rain, rain, go away…
Currently sitting on the 6th floor of Koerner, taking a break from writing a hefty lab report on buffers in blood and listening to the Peak. Also thankful that the rain has taken a break for a little while.

Vancouver weather gods, did you just get dumped or something? This is starting to get a little ridiculous. It was snowing this morning, which is weird enough in Vancouver, but especially weird in March. Doesn’t help that all my friends from home are tweeting about how amazing it is outside (20 degrees and sunny? Seriously Ontario?!) Maybe I’ll start working on an anti-rain dance while I’m taking a break from chemistry. Might attract some weird stares in the library though…

Anyways, this song I discovered thanks to the Peak expresses my feelings perfectly about the weather, and is definitely going to be added to my “Rainy Day” playlist. (Cam Fact #403: I have a playlist for almost everything, from “Happy Morning” to “90’s Pop Jams” to “Best Songs to Sing in the Shower”) Enjoy, don’t let the rain get you down, and hopefully we’ll get some sunshine soon!

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