Days like this are the reason I moved to Vancouver

Yep. We study hard.

There is no place better than sunny UBC campus. This morning, I woke up and had a delicious breakfast of tater tots and eggs with the KU 2nd family in the dining hall (and was told some interesting bird facts courtesy of Nic). Afterwards, most of them went off to Stanley Park to do some ivy removal as a part of KU Kares (a community service initiative started by a good friend of mine on my floor), while I stayed behind since I had work to do. But instead of going to the library, Erin and I grabbed a couple blankets, our Macbooks and our calculus textbooks and headed outside to study in the sunshine.

Throughout the day, we recruited several more people to join our study picnic, watched the Vanier advisors play a hilarious game of “Strolltimate” (think Ultimate, but with speedwalking), and somehow finished our math assignment. There was even singing and guitar playing involved. At one point, someone noted that we looked like we were straight out of a cliche student life shot in a university viewbook. All we were missing was a guy with long hair and a hackey sack.

All in all, this was one of the best days I’ve had at UBC so far. And I didn’t even leave my residence.

Side note: Six people told me I looked like a hippie today in my crazy printed maxi dress and my Katniss-inspired side braid, complete with a real flower. I’d say that my transition to a true West coast girl is complete.

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