Commuter Tunes Vol. 1

This is my daily summer routine: I bike to the Richmond Hill GO transit station in the morning, snag the first window seat I can find on the 8 am train, and laugh at the poor souls stuck in traffic on the highway as we pass overhead. After arriving at the train station downtown, I make the 10-ish block stroll to the hospital, which is briefly interrupted by a stop in the Starbucks at University Ave where I grab my morning grande dark roast (in my turquoise reusable mug, of course). From 9 to 5 I pipet various solutions into beakers, feed my kidney cells, look through microscopes and read lots and lots of scientific papers with words like “epigenetic memory” and “metanephric mesenchyme”. Then I reverse the whole thing and head back home. It’s exhausting, and I have a newfound respect for students who are able to commute to and from UBC every day and avoid falling asleep in lectures. I’ve come close to dozing off and faceplanting into the fume hood several times.

One thing that’s helped make the commute to and from work a little more bearable is my iPod. Like 99.99% of the people on this planet, I love music. My iPod basically serves as an extra limb, especially when there’s some old guy in a suit snoring on my shoulder and a mom scolding her child over her cell phone on the train. That’s why, in the Music Monday stylings of fellow Blog Squadder Erica, I’ve decided to start a new weekly segment called “Commuter Tunes”. Each Wednesday (because Wednesday is the worst day of the work week), I’ll post some music that I’ve been jamming out to on the train lately. Who knows, maybe it can brighten up someone else’s commute as well. Or at least serve as a distraction from the guy next to you who forgot to wear deodorant.

Today’s song: Warrior by Mark Foster, Kimbra & A-Trak. Three fantastic artists were brought together by the magic of Converse to create this dance-worthy tune. Plus, the video has underground wrestling. What’s not to love?

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