UBC? More like YoutUBC

Side note: My attempt at wordplay in this blog title failed miserably. This is why I’m not in Arts.

There are only twelve short days until move-in day! I hope all the incoming first years are getting as pumped as I am (and if you’re lucky enough to be living on Kwak 6th, you should be especially excited!).

Just in case you need a reminder of why you’re excited to go to the best school this side of the Milky Way, here are twelve UBC-themed YouTube videos to get you better acquainted with your new home:

  1. Storm the Wall 2012. Storm was voted the quintessential UBC experience by the Ubyssey, and all you have to do is walk around campus in mid-March to figure out why.
  2. UBC Class of 2015 Video. Class of 2016, you guys get your very own video at this year’s Imagine Day pep rally!
  3. Sh*t UBC Says. Get ready to say all of these things, a lot. There also might be a Sh*t Vanier Says video floating around the internet starring yours truly.
  4. This Week at UBC. Watch this weekly show to find out more about awesome events happening around campus!
  5. Imagine Day Pep Rally 2011 Time Lapse. Yep, prepare to be surrounded by lots of colour and lots of screaming come September 4th.
  6. Stephen Toope singing at UBC’s Got Talent. What other university can say their president has sung a Eurythmics song with their student body president?
  7. Undie Run. How do UBC students combat exam stress? By stripping down to their skivvies for charity, of course.
  8. UBC Valentine’s Day Hero. Proof that UBC boys are big softies at heart. Warning: may give you unrealistic expectations about being serenaded from your dorm room window.
  9. Dorm Room Tour. Curious to see what your room is going to look like? Fellow Blog Squadder Samantha has made a super helpful video to show you firsthand. Also, if you’re living in KU or Tec in Vanier (lucky you!), check out this post to get a sneak peek at your room.
  10. SLC Opening Ceremonies Video. Don’t worry, getting paint splashed in your face isn’t a regular thing on campus. Also, did I mention the SLC is Canada’s biggest (and most awesome) student-run conference?
  11. Engineers blowing things up. Just because we’re smart doesn’t mean UBC students don’t know to have fun. Watch engineers do awesome things with science.
  12. UBC LipDub. The epitome of UBC school spirit.

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