Reasons Totem is awesome: Holi, Spring Formal, and TFL

So this happened in Totem yesterday:

Why is everyone running around throwing paint at each other, you ask?

Yesterday Totem celebrated Holi, the Indian festival of colour. Groups of people arrived on the Totem field dressed in white, spotless clothes, and left covered in coloured paint from head to toe. The festival was a joint effort by RezLife and TPRA, and is just one example of the awesome events you can look forward to as a first-year resident. (PS: spot a colourful me at the very end of the video)

Thanks for the orange scalp, Liam.
Photo by Visha Thamboo

The residence excitement doesn’t stop there, though. This weekend was also the Totem formal, followed by “The Rezzies” awards banquet and graduation ceremony. I got all dressed up, ate delicious free food, and recited a cheesy poem about TPark. TFL playoffs were also going down all weekend, which got pretty intense. Kwak 6th just barely made the playoffs and though we lost our first game, we still fought valiantly. All in all, it was a great weekend to live in Totem, and one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Tanjot and I reciting our super awkward Totem poem at the Rezzies. At least RJ looks amused.
Photo by Kaitlyn Tissington


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