Is there any other university that has hundreds of students flock to the beach for a last day of classes polar bear swim? I didn’t think so.

This teeth-chattering event was organized by The Calendar, a social team at UBC that has aimed to shake UBC’s (completely unfounded) reputation as a “commuter school” (read: no-fun school) once and for all. In addition to the LDOC Polar Bear Swim, the student-run group organized a UBC Pay It Forward initiative during finals to encourage students to do good deeds for one other and keep spirits up throughout exams. The Calendar was also responsible for UBC’s epic Harlem Shake video last year, which, if I do say so myself, was the best one put out by a Canadian university. (Not that it’s a contest. But if it were, we’d be winning).

This video is living (well, if you consider YouTube to be living) proof that school spirit is alive and well at UBC. (Smart kids know how to have fun, too!) Find out more about The Calendar’s creator, Rob Morton here, as he has just been recognized as one of the Student Leadership Conference’s Faces of Today – proof that this initiative has made a lasting impact on campus community at UBC.

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