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Sometimes I rap about Storm on the Internet

Photo by Carter Brundage, UBC REC Media

I know, I’ve been notably absent from the blogosphere this term. This semester has been particularly crazy for me, and between balancing all my involvements and my crazy intense course load, there has not been much time for blogging. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am going to try and pick it up in the last few weeks of class, giving a rundown of the highlights of this past term and offering some hopefully useful information for prospective students during this exciting time.

One of the involvements that has been taking up all my time lately has been my Assistant Director position with UBC REC. I had wanted to be a part of REC since first year, but did not end up applying at first because of the demand of SLC and RezLife. But when some spots opened up at the beginning of this term, I jumped at the opportunity and found myself sporting a spiffy green REC raincoat around campus. I’m now a part of The Point, REC’s online magazine (you should read it and stuff. It’s pretty good).

This is a particularly exciting time to be a part of REC: Storm the Wall is happening this week. As the largest intramural event in Canada and one of the Ubyssey’s 93 Things to Do Before You Graduate, this is a mandatory event for your the UBC bucket list. Here is a video of me and my director, Jill, rapping about Storm. We’re kinda stoked. You should be too.

If you want to catch the action, the wall-storming will be happening in the North Plaza by the SUB. Not on campus? Fear not, you can watch Storm LIVE all week on The Point’s Storm social page! I storm the wall at 11:20 tomorrow (provided my team can find a sprinter ). Hope to see you there!

Long live Longboat

Freezing cold water? Kwak 6th isn’t scared.

One of UBC Rec’s signature (and super fun) events, Day of the Longboat, went down over the weekend.

In first year residence, it’s pretty much tradition to make a team with your floor, head down to Jericho Beach together, and paddle your little arms off in longboats. Last year, not enough people signed up on my floor so I didn’t get to participate, so this year I was on two teams to make up for it: one with my residents and one with my KU friends.

Did I spend enough time studying for my organic chemistry midterm on Thursday? Probably not. But I had an absolutely amazing time (my floor’s team even came first in our heat!) so I say say it was worth it. Also, a team from Totem took the campus-wide Longboat crowd. Represent, yo.

UBC Rec has tons of absolutely amazing events throughout the year. Longboat and Storm the Wall are the most well-known, but there are other super cool ones like The Chase which is happening next Friday (I have a midterm, but you should do it so I can live vicariously through you). Just another of the many things that makes UBC amazing.

If you want to see the magic of Longboat firsthand, check out last year’s Longboat wrap-up video:

PS: I apologize for my lack of posts since the start of term, and I promise this will be my return to the UBC blogosphere. I’m back, y’all.

The Camp UBC Experience

Back in September, life at UBC felt like one long stint at summer camp. The weather was amazing. The sun was always shining. You were living with a bunch of people your own age. The advisors were your counselors. Everyone ate together in the dining hall. We even had Vanier Olympics, which was similar to the camp-wide games we used to play during my one and only camp experience the summer after grade eight.

But then, the reality sunk in. The weather got rainier, the schoolwork got harder, and we all remembered that, Frisbee and nature aside, we’re all really here to get an education.

Over this past weekend, though, I got another taste of the summer camp vibe that made me fall in love with this place. The camp experience kicked off on Thursday night with Mr. Vanier, an annual all-male “talent competition” in which eight lovely Vanier men danced and strutted their stuff to win the judges’ and the audiences’ hearts. Hilarious innuendoes from the hosts and ridiculous interview questions were just a couple of the things that gave me a laughter-induced ab workout. Continue reading

The Ubyssey writers have outdone themselves

Photo by the Ubyssey.

The Ubyssey started their very own bracket game a la March Madness to track down the “quintessential UBC experience”. Forcing you to choose between Wreck Beach and the MOA and decide whether you like to complain more about construction or giant puddles, this is something that even those of you with little to no sports knowledge (like me) can partake in.

You can see the complete list and vote on the first round here. Also, every time you comment explaining your choice you get entered to win Canucks vs. Flames tickets. Win-win.

It’s a good week to be a UBC student

In spite of second-round midterms being in full swing and the intense, freezing wind causing me to nail someone in the face with my umbrella yesterday (isn’t it supposed to be spring?), this week is looking pretty amazing for UBC. Exciting things happening on campus this week:

5 Days for the Homeless: If you’ve walked by the Bookstore sometime in the last two days, you’ve probably seen the “homeless” students asking for spare change. This campaign, designed to raise money and awareness for the homeless, involves 10 students abandoning their wallets, beds, and showers to live on the street for 5 days. Two friends of mine, Aaron and Michelle, are participating in the campaign. You can read their blogs and find out more about the initiative here, and if you’re passing by the corner of University and East Mall, hand over some spare change.

Undergraduate society elections: Elections for AUS, SUS, EUS, LFSUS, FUS, and KUS are underway! (side note: as a UBC student, gaining a thorough acronym vocabulary is a graduation requirement) Log on to WebVote through the SSC by Friday and get yo’ vote on. Also, if you’re awesome and a science student, you should check out the SUS candidate profiles here.

Strombo: George Stroumboulopoulos, known as the host of CBC’s The Hour and proud owner of the world’s most challenging last name (I obviously had to Google the spelling for this blog post), is coming to UBC. He’s going to be talking about his work in Pakistan at the Arts Last Lecture on Friday in the Old Auditorium. Limited tickets are still available through the Arts Undergrad Society, here.

Mulch Madness: The 12-foot walls for Storm have been assembled and the mulch has been brought in. Being in first year, I’ve only heard about the awesomeness that is Storm the Wall, but I’m beyond pumped to scale the wall in a couple weeks. Register by March 21st if you want to be a part of one of UBC’s most beloved traditions!

Other fun things happening in my life this week (aside from the lab exam I have later today…yikes): KU and Tec house councils have organized a KU-Tec social dinner tonight. Mas tacos por favor! (That’s pretty much the extent of my grade 9 Spanish knowledge) I also have a super exciting interview on Thursday for a position next year. Cross your fingers and toes for me, please. I’m going to need all the luck I can muster.

Whistler Wayfinding: A UBC Student’s Guide

Confession: One of my main motivations in coming to this university was its proximity to Whistler. No, I’m not ashamed of it. Now, after almost an entire ski season of making the winding, snowy, scenic commute up to Whistler, season pass in hand, I’ve decided to share some of my knowledge with you, lovely blog readers. So, without further rambling, here is the (un) official UBC student’s guide to getting to Whistler (might need to come up with a catchier name--never mind, I did. See blog post title).

Drive: Simple, right? If you’re lucky enough to have a car, I’m crazy jealous of you (wanna give me a ride up this weekend?). But, for those of you who are less fortunate, do not fret! There are other options for getting to the powder.

UBC/Vancouver Greyhound: If you live on campus, there’s a Greyhound that leaves every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from UBC at 6 am. This is how I usually get up to Whistler. It stops right across from Vanier on University Blvd (next to the Global Lounge) and then at the UBC Bus Loop, and drops you off right in Whistler Village. It’s the same deal coming back, with the bus leaving Whistler at 4 pm. Rates are available on the Greyhound website.

Continue reading

A storm is coming

Storm the Wall 2012. March 25-30th. See you there.

PS: Major shout out to the UBC REC Media team. You guys make awesome videos.

The happiest place on Earth

Sorry Disneyland, but I’m pretty sure Whistler is stealing the rights to your tagline.
I bought my Whistler season pass weeks ago (for a third of the regular price, oh how I love being a student), and started to count down the days until the start of the ski season. Unfortunately, thanks to schoolwork, I wasn’t able to get up there on opening weekend. I waited impatiently, watching as everyone else posted “Whistler baby!” statuses and mobile uploaded pictures of themselves smiling at the top of the mountain. It was pure torture. But then, on Sunday, the day finally came. Erin and I woke up bright and early, got on the 6:15 Snowbus at Broadway and Maple, and headed up to the place where dreams come true. In spite of my 5:30 am wakeup call, a crazy long bus ride, torrential rain in the village, insane winds at the top of the mountain and getting stuck in snow up to my knees at one point, it was one of the most amazing days of skiing I can ever remember. As I headed down the mountain for the first time with my scarf covering my face, you wouldn’t have known it, but I was wearing the biggest grin you could possibly imagine.

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This will be me tomorrow

…although I’ll probably be going a little slower and stick to the actual trails.
Look out Whistler. I’m coming for ya.

Edit: Three months after posting this video, I realized that the skier is my friend from my building. Craaaazy.

Quidditch isn’t just for wizards anymore

The UBC Quidditch Club, along with the Harry Potter room in IKBLC, shows that your dreams of going to Hogwarts don’t have to die just because you go to UBC. Also, I needed to prove my mom that this club actually exists.