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Lace Up, because Rick said so

Lace Up for Kids is a charity event happening on November 24th and organized by UBC REC. Through 50,000 laps around Thunderbird arena, $100,000 dollars will be raised to create affordable and high-quality after school programs for kids in the lower mainland. Being charitable combined with an awesome MTV-worthy promo video? I don’t need any more convincing. Register by November 17th!

To add to the awesomeness, Lace Up for Kids got a shout out on the Rick Mercer Report. If you don’t know who Rick Mercer is, you probably aren’t Canadian. Well that, or you actually had cable as a child and didn’t spend hours upon hours watching CBC since it the was the only channel you got on your TV’s antenna. Good times.

Beautiful British Columbia, indeed.

Braving the rocks to get down to the ocean for a photo op.
Whenever there’s a sunny day in Vancouver, I feel so guilty when I stay indoors. So, this morning, I decided to take advantage of this amazing weather by going hiking at Lighthouse Park in West Van. I’m usually not very outdoorsy at all, but thanks to my seasoned hiker of an aunt, I managed to get through the 3 hour trek with only minor scrapes and a large bruise from when I fell off a particularly slippery log. I consider this to be a great accomplishment. Next stop, the Grouse Grind? (Maybe I’ll wait for my bruise to heal, first…)

More pictures from Lighthouse Park:

There was actually a lighthouse at Lighthouse Park. I was impressed.
What my aunt suspected to be Paul Allen of Microsoft’s boat, hanging out off the coast of one of Vancouver’s surrounding islands

Say hi to UBC, that tiny little peninsula of land poking out from across the water.