How to Choose the Best 360 Camera

Not every 360 camera is equal. Each vendor picks what he thinks is best. What is best for you depends on your particular needs. If you are a regular guy trying to figure out which is the best 360 camera for personal use, you’ve arrived at the right place to find out how to take some love pictures.

We will analyse how to choose the best 360 camera. After reading this post, you will be an expert on the features to look for when you are assessing your next 360 camera.


Tripod Compatible

Most real 360 cameras are tripod compatible. In fact, that is one of the advantages the best 360 camera has over a smartphone. Most smartphones cannot be placed on a tripod, which removes functionality to the 360 capabilities of the device.

A tripod is essential to take a steady picture. A 360 camera is not the best 360 camera if it is not compatible with tripods. A plus is that you can attach it somewhere else. For example, some models allow you to plug the camera instead of a light bulb. That doesn’t only charge the device, but it also gives it the ability to record from an unusual angle.


Remote Control Options

If you don’t want to be a close part of the shot, you must get away from the camera. That is why the best 360 camera needs remote control options. Many models are controlled through smartphones just downloading an app. That is an advantage because you do not require an additional control that may get lost in the way.


Preview Options

When you operate your best 360 camera with a remote, the preview options are the most useful. In particular, for static shots, you can decide when to shoot. That way you can take the most amazing pictures.


Designed to be Held and Operated with a Single Hand

The best 360 camera for personal use should also be easy to operate on the move. You will not always have the chance to set a tripod to place your 360 camera. Especially when you travel, the ability to hold and operate your camera with a single hand is the most useful.

Some designs are spheres that are not very portable. When you want to take 360 shots on the move, the best 360 camera should be designed to do so. Those characteristics make it also the best 360 camera for selfies.