Interuniversity Conference on Education (ICE) 2011

Over the weekend I gave the keynote address at this interesting, student-driven conference. It united students, faculty, and community members from all across the country to question our assumptions about education and to promote innovation. Consistent with this spirit, in my keynote I discussed my section of Psyc 208 (Psychology in your life: How social psychology can help you succeed). I have created that course with students in mind from the very start. I strive to create a course that matters, and I challenge both educators and students (yes, it’s a two-way street!) to make education matter. I also discuss how the course has changed from the first time I taught it to the second, and share how I have relied on student feedback to make important changes for the better. If you’ve taken the course before, plan to take it in January, or are interested in course (re)design more broadly, check out the video here.

Congratulations to Tyler Nelson and the entire planning team for a great conference. If you’d like to check out more about the conference, we had a twitter feed going all day long (search for #ice2011) and videos from all of the interesting speakers are available¬†here.

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