Rock the… Student Evals!

It’s Student Evaluation of Teaching season here at UBC. Students in all 3 credit courses ending next week (next week!!!!) ¬†are being asked to spend some time filling out the online student evaluations for your Instructors and Teaching Assistants (or Teaching Fellows, as in the case of our Psyc 217 course).

While it might seem that these evaluations disappear into oblivion after you complete them… that is *not* the case! For one, they’re considered as one very important piece of the puzzle of evaluating good teaching when it comes to promotion and tenure decisions at UBC. And every year this is increasingly true. Second, many individual instructors consider your feedback very carefully, and use it to make real changes to their courses. See one of my earlier posts for examples of how I’ve taken this feedback, thought deeply about it, and made changes where I could. See my evaluations page for a historical summary of my student evaluations, particularly the 6 University Module Items¬†common across campus.

Please visit to complete your evaluations. I care about what you have to say, and so do our Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows. Constructive feedback (what’s gone well, what suggestions do you have for improvement) is always most welcome.

For more about UBC’s teaching evaluation process, please see this website.

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