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by Jing Liu ~ May 3rd, 2006. Filed under: What others are saying.

Title: The bitter poison of multiculturalism.
Authors: Brunet, Robin
Source: Alberta Report / Newsmagazine; 4/18/94, Vol. 21 Issue 18, p32, 2p, 3bw
Document Type: Article
Subject Terms: *PLURALISM (Social sciences)
Geographic Terms: CANADA
Abstract: Recommends that those who think Canada’s multicultural and immigration policies are working fairly smoothly take a trip to the south Vancouver suburb of Richmond. Asians asking for more Chinese books in the library and special language training for students; Early criticism of Ottawa’s immigration policies dismissed as bigotry; History of Ottawa’s multi-ethnic immigration policies; The 1988 Canadian Multiculturalism Act; Responsibility of Canadians toward immigrants.
Full Text Word Count: 1889
ISSN: 0225-0519
Accession Number: 9404267693

2 Responses to An article Mindy recommended us to read in Academic Search Premier

  1.   Henry

    I’ve never believed in multiculturalism in Canada. Bigotry? You bet! It is a way of government and attracting cheap low-pay labour. Imagine what the mainstream of the society, i.e. the Anglo-Saxon decedents, would do if their dominance in Canada was seriously challenged both politically and economically by other ethic groups? Multiculturalism is a policy only when their political and economic security is assured. Have a look at the House in session when you see a few teenagers sitting between the Speaker and the clerks. How often do you see an ethic-minority teen there? I’ve never seen one. Many of us have bitter experience in finding a job at RPL which serves a community with over 40% of its population being Chinese. Unless the job ad says very clearly that a Chinese speaker is preferred, your chance is almost equal to zero!

  2.   Henry

    Well, I’ve never believed in the so-called Multiculturalism, especially so after 6 years in Canada with painstaking experiences. Do you think the dominant ethnic group, i.e. the White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestants, short for WASPs, would propose it, bigotry or not, when their dominant position, both politically and economically, is seriously challenged by other ethnic groups? I myself don’t think so. Multiculturalism is proposed only when WASPs are secured as the dominant ethnic group in Canada. I sometimes watch the House debate on TV. I noticed that the boys and girls, who sit between the Speaker and the clerical staff when the House is in session, look all like WASPs, at least I’ve never seen a minority ethic representative. This says it all: who are expected or trained to be the future leaders of Canada?

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