China Dawn

by Jing Liu ~ May 13th, 2006. Filed under: Readings.

This weekend I continue to read China Dawn , and learnt the history of Chinese IT industry that’s also the history made by “sea tuttles”. Feng Bo, a California bus boy a decade ago grew to a banker funding entrepreneus in his native China.Bo says, “If we don’t develop a vibrant IT economy, China will do little more than continue to make shoes for Nike.” In 1994, Bo, who headed back to China with a Robertson Stephens business card and not much more, began a search for entrepreneus working on promising technologies. He had heard about Wang Zhidong, the youthful founder of SRS, and Yan Yanchou, who wrote the first Chinese DOS.

“Bo searched them out at a decrepit school building set on a deserted street at the outskirts of Zhongguancun. To get in the school building, Bo climbed over the metal fence, pushed open a brittle door, and wondered through dimly lit hallways, crunching broken galss. “
What a humble start!

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