Thank you, Jing! Re: May 20th meeting

by Jing Liu ~ May 26th, 2006. Filed under: What others are saying.

Many of us have worked for, or worked with, Jing on different projects. She has mentored many new library students and new librarians. Jing’s passion about our profession and her commitment to share her knowledge have set a very good example for all of us.

As most of us are settling in our professional jobs, I call upon all of you to remain passionate about our chosen profession. We will emulate Jing’s commitment in championing new projects, developing professional skills, and inspiring others. Together, we will help each other and enrich ourselves.

On the Professional Development note, please consider the Toastmasters!

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  1.   Mindy

    I believe Linda expressed eloquently what most of us(if not all of us)have wanted to say for a long time but didn’t speak out for various reasons. I started to seriously think about joining this profession after reading Jing’s article in a local Chinese newspaper and her unconditional support and valuable advice have sustained me through the frustrating LIS School application process and the overwhelming course load in the past schooling days. I feel really lucky to have such a mentor like Jing, who is always there whenever you need her guidance.
    Also, I’d like to thank all the other former Slaiser(and non-Slaiser)Chinese Canadian Librarians. It’s your wonderful accomplishment that gave me encouragement in my darkest schooling days and assured me that I was able to compete with the native students in my class. You all have set an excellent example for me! Thank you all!

  2.   Jing

    It has been mutual support. I would have left Vancouver without my local support group. I am so glad to see our group is getting bigger and stronger. Let’s continue to support each other!

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