Chinese article still hard to obtain

by Jing Liu ~ June 12th, 2006. Filed under: Reference Questions.

If the article was published in the Ming Qing xiao shuo yan jiu in 1993, you would think it’s easy to get, right? Not the case.

A student tried ILL twice, and got two wrong articles for not having the correct page numbers. Dozens of East Asian Libraries own the serial title, we do too, but many on the EastLib replied to me. They don’t have that paticular volume. We even reached all the way to CASS Library in Beijing for nothing. CAJ does cover this title after 1994, but doesn’t allow online viewing. Strange!

I am curious why it’s so hard to get if that volume was published. Why so many libraries missed so many volumes, budget cut? censorship? Anyway, we are looking for it around the world.

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  1.   Mindy

    My wild guess would be ‘censorship’, for there hardly be any other conceivable reasons to explain the missing volume at so many libraries (and we’re talking about EastAsian libraries whose mandates are to collect EastAsian materials!)
    Good luck, Jing!

  2.   Jing

    Our book vendor in Beijing, CNPITC found the article from the National Library and delivered it to me. Not bad, eh?

  3.   jeanne

    the above link is mingqingxiaoshuoyanjiu in cnki can try this e-version.

  4.   jeanne
    there are e-version of mingqingxiaoshuoyanjiu

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