Salute to Tom Bolling!

by Jing Liu ~ June 14th, 2006. Filed under: Life.

Tomorrow is Tom’s birthday. Tom is a reference librarian at UW in Seattle. He helped me in many ways when I started my first student assistant job in the US. Tom made me believe that reference librarians have the most rewarding job in the world. He helped me to provide instruction sessions with confidence to native students.

I wasn’t the only student whom Tom helped. Tom delivers yummy snacks every day to student assistants at all service counters because they rush from classes to the library without time for lunch. Tom and his wife are leading very moderate, and mentally wealthy lives.

Above all, from the very beginning, Tom trusted I would grow to a decent librarian someday. I still remember his words: “One day, you will have students work for you, please treat them as you were treated here.”

Happy Birthday Tom!

3 Responses to Salute to Tom Bolling!

  1.   Linda

    Dear Mr. Bolling:

    Jing has become the librarian that you believed she would have become some day.

    I have the great fortune to become one of Jing’s many friends in the library field. Over the years, she has mentored many library school students and library assistants with compassion, patience and encouragements.

    I salute you on being a wonderful mentor to Jing. Jing certainly has treated her students and junior librarians the way she was treated by you. Happy birthday, Mr. Bolling! On this special occasion, Happy Father’s Day to a great male figure too!

    Linda Yan

  2.   Lei Zhu

    Happy birthday, Mr. Bolling!

    Great thanks to Jing for her mentoring of so many Chinese librarian students at UBC, with “compassion, patience and encouragements” exactly as Linda said.

    Lei Zhu

  3.   Qi

    I am fortunate to be able to work for Jing as her student assistant. Her mentoring and encouragement help me a lot when I am transferring into this new career.

    Happy brithday Mr. Bolling.

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