Foreign Babes in Beijing 洋妞在北京

by Jing Liu ~ June 25th, 2006. Filed under: Readings.

I found this book by coincidence when I returned China Dawn.

Rachel DeWoskin, a Columbia graduate spent a great part of the 1990s in Beijing, when I left the country for the US. We both experienced cultural shock in each other’s countries in the mid-1990s. Her book gives me the sensational description of Chinese urban life, which seems so far away from me. It’s easy and fun to read and not as fluffy as the cover suggests.

2 Responses to Foreign Babes in Beijing 洋妞在北京

  1.   Linda

    I read it a few months ago when it first came out. I grabbed off the VPL’s New Arrivals shelf. It’s a fun read. The author got my respect! Wish I had the opportunity to watch the TV series.

  2.   Jing

    The author’s sinologist father got my respect as well. His first two kids spent their infancies in a one-room teahouse, one in a drawer and Rachel in a suitcase.

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