Let's Celebrate!

by Jing Liu ~ April 27th, 2007. Filed under: Events.

Still two papers to go, but almost done, and can’t wait to throw a party to celebrate the past academic year. Let’s target on mid-May.

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  1.   Mindy

    Wonderful! Happy that I still can catch the party before my move to Orlando (finally 🙂

  2.   Lei Zhu

    Look forward to seeing you all.

  3.   Jian

    Any suggestion for the place to go?

  4.   Jian

    Any recommendation for the place to go?

  5.   jing liu

    Jan once said that we can use the event room in her complex near Granville and Garden City in Richmond. Do you folks prefer to book a resturant? I assume Saturday evening works best for us, and I am open to all suggestions.

  6.   Vicky

    Very much look forward to meeting you all soon!

  7.   MIndy

    I’d vote for potluck and it would be great if we could use the Event room of Jan’s complex, as long as it is available by then. Are we going to meet next Saturday (May 12th) or the week after?

  8.   Jing

    Will May 12th work for every one? I will email the others suggesting this time, and confirm with Jan this evening.

  9.   Qi

    Awesome! It works for me.

  10.   Lei

    Same here, of course.

  11.   Lili Wang

    Yesterday, I happened to see Wang, Jian, who was trying to book Acadia Commons Block (on UBC campus) for the party. I think it is also a good idea, since the place is big enough for us to bring as many families as we can and also it is convenient for us without cars to stay late that day. Can’t wait to see you all soon.

  12.   Jing

    Jan has paid for the deposit of her event room for Saturday May 12. She said that it’s large enough to invite as many people as possible. We can start to use it from 4 pm to the entire evening.

  13.   Ying

    See you all then.

  14.   Qiong

    I have been looking forward to this year’s gathering since last term was over in April. I will definitely come and be late. I will work to 6:00PM on the oncoming Saturday. I will invite our new SLAIS folks: Yang, Wei and Gao, Jie to join our party.

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