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by Jing Liu ~ May 7th, 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Thank you, Jing, for organizing. Thank you, Jan, for
the room. Such an excellent idea to rent a room!

Our Chinese Canadian Librarians community is getting
bigger and stronger each year. As it is the norm with
other activities, you get out as much as you put in. I
encourage everyone to contribute to our community and
to share your knowledge and information using our

For the party this Saturday, we like to make this
event a socializing, networking, and professional
development opportunity. If we follow Confucius’
teaching, “among three people together, (at least) one
will be my teacher,” imagine how many teachers you
would find among more than a dozen librarians and
several former teachers?

For your 2-3 minutes self-introduction, please also
share with us your achievements, career or otherwise.
I will be the Timer and make sure everyone has an
opportunity to shine!

If you have any topics that you wish to be addressed,
please post to the blog or email me. I will take notes
and make sure we have a constructive discussion.

For the $40 room rental, I propose that we share the
cost among us. Bring your changes to me, most likely
$2-3 each, excluding spouse or children.

Food – For pot luck dinner, the usual norm is to bring
enough for you and your family, plus an extra portion
of food for one person. Bring your own drink and
cups/mugs as well. Please post what you would bring to
the blog so that we do not all bring the same thing. I
will bring a kettle to boil water for tea. I will
bring tea bags as well. If you have plug-in kettles,
please bring them as well.

Poker cards – For spouses and children, please bring
your own cards or games so they could have some fun at
another table while we have discussions.

All family members and friends are welcome – just
bring enough food/drink for them.

Clean-up – Jan paid an extra deposit to make sure the
room is clean after our gathering. Please help clean
up the room so Jan could get her deposit back.

For future gatherings, if you like such facility and
format, please let us know. If you have better ideas
or venues, share with us. Or better yet, organize the
next gathering. We are all in this community together.
Let’s make it remarkable for the benefit of each and
everyone of us!!

Thank you very much, Jing and Jan.

10 Responses to More Details from Linda

  1.   Jason

    We can get there earlier to setup.

  2.   Linda


    Would you please post the exact address, or email it to us if privacy is a concern? A phone number would be good too in case someone gets lost. Thanks.

  3.   Mindy

    We’ll bring some Sichuan style “Liang Mian” (Cold noodles)and two dishes (one is bamboo shoot with tofu, the other one is still under consideration 🙂
    I have 4 folding chairs, so I’ll bring them along with me too.

  4.   Lili Wang

    We’ll bring “Yangzhou Chao Fan”(fried rice) and two dishes (one is roasted chichen wings, the other one is asparagus wrapped with ham).

  5.   Jing

    My huband is also going, and he wants to bring home-made 春卷和烧麦。

  6.   Lei

    Here are ours: 上海盐水鸭、土豆色拉、凉拌莴笋。We’ll also bring a carton of orange juice (2L).

  7.   Linda

    Ladies and gentlemen, relax with the food preparation. With such a large group, some repetitions are normal. Big portion of one dish is much easier to make than 3-4 individual dishes. I just re-checked my email, I did say “portion”, not “dishes”. Did anyone say pizza yet? It is always a party favorite, and so easy to “make”!

  8.   Linda

    If cooking is your forte, do not be shy, delight the crowd!

  9.   Heather

    Wow! You made me so hungry! If I could go, I would bring nothing but my mouth!

    Please take some photos to share the memerable moments with those who are miles away!

    It would be really nice to chat with you online… anyone, possible? Anyway, at least, I will try to call you at your cell phone numbers. Guess I will have a hard time to decide who I will call first…

  10.   Jing

    Ian will be teaching today at SLAIS, and might be able to give ride to Richmond.

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