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by Jing Liu ~ September 12th, 2008. Filed under: News & Announcement.

I am really happy for Qi and Lili who graduated last May. They both brought their strong technical skills to major Canadian companies. Several people mentioned about their new jobs to me when we first met this term. So it definately deserves a post. Lei is another one. He has been working for an American corporation in town that is interested in Chinese market. At our next gathering, we will be able to learn from these corporate folks. By the way, U. of Chicago just posted a position of Chinese Studies Librarian.

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  1.   Mindy

    Congrats a lot to Qi, Lili and Lei! I am so happy for and proud of each of you as your friend and a SLAIS alumni!

  2.   Allan

    Congratulations to you all. I was fortunate enough to be in the same classes as you all. And I’m happy to see you all doing what you love!


  3.   Qi

    Thank you, Mindy and Allan. Your words remind me of those group assignments we worked together, and how we suffered through the FRBR group readings. I was honored to be a classmate of yours in SLAIS. I would also like to thank a lot of other people who have been providing me with great support along my way leading to this technical librarian position. Jing, as a mentor, gave me a first taste of what a Chinese librarian is in real life. Thank you, Jing, for all these years of superb teaching, guidance and sincere friendship. Thanks also go to Jan, Lingbo, He Ping, Ian, Heather, …. At each of our meetings, you kindly shared your precious experience and knowledge among us students and newbies. I truly appreciated it!

  4.   Lili

    Thanks to Jing, Mindy, and Allan for such warm words. Qi really said what was also in my mind. As one of the newbies, I also feel so fortunate to have such a supporting group. I never felt lonely and helpless during the SLAIS program because of all of you, my dear mentors and peers. I am not afraid of the road before me either, because you are always there willing to listen, coach, and serve as role models. Immense gratitude to all!

  5.   Lingbo

    祝贺, 祝贺!

    我想起了几句话: 天生我才必有用. 我的导师常说: 长江后浪推前浪. 青出于蓝而胜于蓝.

    为你们高兴. 若需要地点庆祝, 有请我的”茅舍”.

    [有别字了没? 以后要常练习打中文字.]

  6.   Heather

    Congratulations from the east! I am very glad to hear the exciting news and look forward to hearing more about your new lives!

  7.   Henry

    Hi guys,

    It’s good to know this place where the Chinese librarians can meet and mingle with one another on the global scale (I’m in Taiwan)

    I am here because I am looking for the possible job opportunities for Chinese speaking MLIS students. Although I am not a MLIS student yet, I am actually thinking to be a librarian in Canada in the future.

    However, there isn’t much information/ forum regarding on the jobs markets and the possibility for international Chinese students find a job in Canada. I have a stable job in Taiwan right now but I’ve always wanted to work and live in Canada. My undergrad is library and information science from NTU. I don’t know if there is any possiblity for international students to find a librarian job in Canada anyways?

    Sorry for my very unorganized words. Anyone who can say something? Appreciate the time.

    Henry, Taipei

  8.   jing

    English language skill is crucial to work in Canada. As you can see here, all of us or within this group of Chinese UBC graduates found jobs. A few moved down to the States, and most stayed in Vancouver BC. I heard it’s easier for international students to work in Canada now. Best wishes.

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