Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

by Jing Liu ~ December 24th, 2008. Filed under: Life.

As 2008 comes to the end, I feel grateful and joyful. I am grateful to all my friends, new and old. I am joyful that I survived 2008, and I know in my heart that 2009 (and the years after that) will be a lot easier. In the past few days, I counted my blessings:

–My friends, from different part of the world and different part of the country, from different color, sex, race and age groups, comforted me, consoled me, held my hands, and pulled me through the darkest alley.
–My son, who toughed it out with me, still remains by my side when I act irrational and emotional.
–The authors who wrote so many wonderful books that made me cry, laugh, think and survive. I am so grateful that I can read.
–My workplaces and colleagues. Working makes me feel normal and valuable. Being busy at work is a blessing.

I also learned (and reaffirmed) some life lessions:
–Be kind and compassionate to others because the kindness and compassion will be returned many times over when you need them.
–Friends are my family and my backbone.
–God/Lord only helps those who help themselves.
–Do not feel sorry for yourself because it does not do any good.
–Count your blessings and be grateful for what you have.
–You don’t always get what you want, but you can decide what you do not want.
–Surround yourself with happy and positive people, and they will bring joy to your life.

All the best, friends! Take care.

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  1.   Jing

    I agree with you Lingbo about friendship. I feel so warm in this white holiday season because of the greetings from many friends including yours. Working through 2008, I hardly had any time to think about life until I was stranded home by the snow. It’s nice to stop working completely and have some peaceful thought on the past and 2009.

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