Party in Lingbo's House

by Jing Liu ~ July 28th, 2009. Filed under: Events.

Summer in Vancouver can be this hot! except for last Saturday, when we gathered in Lingbo’s house when the rain brought us breeze. I sat by the window next to the garden and the colorful sky, where I enjoyed chatting through the cool night. The sound of fireworks reminded us how late it was, but the party went on…

Thanks to Lingbo for the cozy setting and variety of wonderful and healthy food. Above all, thanks for this opportunity to catch up with each other. I felt proud among this group of people — loving, caring and hard working professionals who not only share the same growing pain, but similar dreams for the future. Big congrats to those who just became librarians this summer! and the same to our second generation who have started making their own livings.

2 Responses to Party in Lingbo's House

  1.   Ying

    It’s really nice to see everybody! A big THANK-YOU to Lingbo for hosting this gathering!

  2.   andy

    I lived in China for some time and this reminds me so much, I must go back and visit soon

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