Xuemei–Digital Media Services Librarian

by Jing Liu ~ December 22nd, 2009. Filed under: News & Announcement.

I am really happy to receive Li Xuemei’s card from Halifax! I am happy for her to find the first pro job that fits her interest. After Ian and Heather’s technical endeavour in digitization and systems, now Xuemei is settling in this new position at Saint Mary’s University.

Hard to believe 2009 is leaving us soon, but glad to see us growing. Wish all of you, in China, Colorado, Florida, McGill and Halifax a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2010!

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  2.   Min

    Happy Holidays, Jing and all other friends up north!
    The past year was a busy but fruitful year for me. Our library has moved to a new building, which is 23 times bigger than the old library. It is a Public and Academic Library with a community college, a county public library and our university branch campus. You can find some new updates about me at the following link of our library newsletter (scroll down to “LSCC South Lake” portion): http://library.ucf.edu/News/Newsletters/Unbound/2009/December/regional.asp

    Also, I’m very happy to introduce a new member to our Chinese Canadian Librarians family — Ms. Shiyi Xie, who was hired as the Science Librarian at the University of Western Ontario a month ago. Shiyi contacted me for MLIS information when I was still studying at UBC. I’m so glad that Shiyi finally landed a position that suited her academic background and interests.
    Wish you all a fabulous 2010!

  3.   Shiyi

    I appreciate Min for introducing me to this network, and am really interested in meeting and communicating with other Chinese Canadian librarians here. Thanks to Min, I decided to seek the MLIS education in Canada and take librarianship as my lifelong career. Although I got my MLIS from the University of Western Ontario (UWO), I have a strong relationship with UBC because I have lived on the campus for several years: my husband obtained his PhD and is currently working as a PostDoc Research Fellow at UBC. Before finding the librarian position with UWO, I worked in Calgary with a corporate library for one year.

    I hope to make friends with everyone. All the best to you and your family this holiday season!

  4.   Lei

    Thanks Jing for the update and congratulations to Xuemei, Min and all others on their great achievements during 2009!

  5.   Jing

    Welcome Shiyi! You are the only Science Librarian here. Thanks to Min for introducing Shiyi to us. Lingbo and He Ping have introduced and helped lots of people as well, who share the same interest. Together we’ve made some progress. Great to have a bunch of friends like you!

  6.   Jian

    Greetings from Regina, Saskatchewan! Good to know we are all doing fine. Hope we have a wonderful 2010.

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