Best Chinese New Year Gift!

by Jing Liu ~ February 8th, 2010. Filed under: Experience, Life, Professional Development.

While I try hard to recover from the nasty flu, I had a terrible car accident over the weekend. My new SUV is not drivable! The old gentleman who hits my car seems to be ok, and lucky enough I am OK.

I felt sorry and guilty for not getting together with the local librarian friends this year. 8 American friends are coming this week for the Olympics and stay in our house. When I feel a bit under depression and stress, Mindy’s greeting popped in and brighten up my weekend, so pasting here as a new year greeting to all of us. Way to go, Mindy!

Here is an early Happy Chinese New Year greeting to you! Ever since my LIS study years, I’ve always looked upon you as my mentor for librarianship, so I’d like to send you some updates about my work here at UCF. 2009 was quite a blessed year for me. I was nominated for the Excellence Librarianship award in my university and was selected after winning the most votes among the library faculty. It’s quite an honor and encouragement for a junior level librarian like me, since the awardees (one for each year since 1984) in other years are all veteran librarians with at least more than 10-15 years’ professional experience. Plus, the monetary side is also pretty attractive :>. The award will be presented in this April. As to services, I’m honored to be appointed to the upcoming chair for the FLA Continuing Committee and the Vice President/President-elect for the CALA SE Chapter.

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  1.   Xuemei

    Hi Jing,

    Thank you sharing! I am sorry to hear about your bad cold and car accident. But really happy about Mindy’s awards! Congratulations!!!!!! Well done!

    All the Best for the Tiger year!

  2.   Min

    Thanks for posting my email message on the blog, Jing! Like Xuemei,I’m sorry to hear about your accident but glad that all is over and wish you a happy and peaceful year of Tiger!
    Xuemei, thank you for your kind remarks! I’m so happy too for your new position with St. Mary’s University.

  3.   jing

    Thanks Xuemei and Min. I am OK now and just picked up my car that looks like new.

    My first boss, Mr. Zhang Yuexiao, at CASS in Beijing wrote to me “我不仅为你高兴;甚至自己都有“成就感”。真是人老了!” 我现在完全理解他的心情。祝你们新年事业更进一步!

  4.   Jian

    Good to know Mindy’s achievement. Congratulations!

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