Working this Saturday

by Jing Liu ~ October 30th, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Back Yard of Asian CentreWhat a bright and colorful Saturday morning. Driving along Marine to Point Grey is such an enjoyable experience. Only a few early bird photographers are busy in our garden. Students are not up or out yet and the entire campus is peaceful and quiet.

A few deadlines today and need to follow up on the previous weeks’ delegations. There have been many of them from China this term. The OCLC Library Directors Delegation came to UBC directly from the airport. They started working while suffering from the jetlag. They are young and actively discussed about the differences they haver observed when I led them to Asian. They apologized for keeping me late at work. Ms. Huang, from OCLC Beijing office suddenly realized that we met 4 years ago in Wuhan U., when I was teaching the workshop there. She said no wonder the campus and the buildings look familiar, she saw them already years ago on my ppt slides and she’s excited seeing them in person. When we two chatted in front of Asia Centre, it’s getting late and dark, we both feel a bit dreamy and wonder how small the world is becoming…

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