My Junior MAPPS Fellows

by Jing Liu ~ March 22nd, 2011. Filed under: Events, Uncategorized, What others are saying.

Managed to attend a couple sessions of this two-day conference. I am impressed by my junior fellows who organized the conference around the lastest issues, such as Jasmine Protest and Japan’s triple disaster. They invited experts like the former ambassador, Joseph Caron, and Victor Radujko from Privy Council Office. Many profs chaired the panel or roundtable discussions, and they helped with more in-depth analysis.

Ben’s presentation on individual philanthropic giving in Asia went really well. He appreciates the library support he received with the latest charity blue book in China. I enjoyed the big laughs at the evening reception, met our alumni members, such as Erin, who is working for the Foundation now, Rene from UCSD, graduate students from George Washington U, University of Ottawa. One even came all the way from Japan. The quiz questions are tricky. My favourite ones are the founding year of IAR and the favourite color of Dr. Dierkes’.

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