Midnight in Toronto

by Jing Liu ~ March 19th, 2012. Filed under: Events, Experience, Professional Development.

The flight convinced me how large Canada is. It was late, but I am glad that the pilot didn’t take sick leave. Caught the airport express and arrived at Sheraton around midnight.

Wonder if that is the old City Hall outside of our hotel room window

Our room on the 17th floor faces the City Hall, the landmark building opened in 1965, and the only one I can recognize during this first visit. I am sure Stephen will fill my knowledge gap on his city and entertain us with great programs.

3 Responses to Midnight in Toronto

  1.   isabel

    I think you were lucky b/c I read the news talking about 10+ pilots ”got sick” on the past Sat, the day that you flew back. No delay for you, right?

  2.   Jing

    You are right, even 15 minutes ahead of the schedule. It was hot there. I can’t believe how cold today is here back home.

  3.   allan

    What a beautiful photo of the night!

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